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Observations from Waterstones 

The smell of old pages, the mumble of people reading, the books waiting to be picked up and taken home. I used to love these things about bookshops, and so many of my teenager years would be spent pursuing the aisles of my local Waterstones, Blackwells, Oxfam books and any other bookshop I could find. … More

I Read 52 Books In 2021…Here’s What I Learnt 

16,487 pages. 52 books. 2 books over my goal.  Ever since I can remember, my relationship with books has been volatile. I have gone through years in my life where I read over 100 books, and years where reading 10 was a stretch. 50 seemed like a stretch when I set the goal at the … More

Hot Takes: Popular Classics 

When I was 15 I used to scour the internet to find lists with titles like ‘Top 50 Classic Books You Must Read Before You Die’ or ‘Every Book Lover Should Have Read These Books’. As a result, I’ve managed to amass over the years a number of classic books under my belt…most of which … More

A Love Letter to Normal People

Normal People by Sally Rooney isn’t my favourite book. It probably wouldn’t make my top five if I had to think about it a lot in the grand scheme of things, and perhaps if I picked it up right this second it wouldn’t have left such a dent in my brain. But often I find … More

Why is everyone reading?

As a study conducted by The Guardian shows, 41% of people are now reading more books. Lockdown has pushed for a tidal wave of new and old readers to enter the population, seeking solace and escapism within the pages of a book. With nothing else to do but twiddle thumbs and refresh the news, it … More

Zadie Smith’s Intimations: The Treatment of Art

Having recently read Zadie Smith’s compelling and engaging set of essays in her newest collection Intimations, which covers her thoughts and ideas throughout the pandemic, there was one chapter that stuck out to me above all. The chapter ‘Something to Do’ asks questions about how art fits into the pandemic, which then raises further questions … More

“You Wouldn’t Understand”: Inaccessibility within Academia 

Sometimes I think I’m going illiterate when I read critical essays. There words are in front of me – and most of them are in English – but I can’t seem to piece them together. How am I supposed to gleen anything of substance from this when I can’t even understand it? The inaccessibility of … More

Defacing Books: Annotations

I used to be a pristine reader. No crumpled pages, no scribbles in margins, not even sticky notes on the corners. My books were precious, and there was no way that I was going to infiltrate and potentially deface their status. And then I started buying second hand books. This was largely because they were … More

The Dismissal of Genre: The Case of Crime

As a reader, you start to see a hierarchy of genre forming in different sections of the community. For so-called ‘highbrow’ readers, things like classical literature and Man Booker prize winners are placed on a pedestal whereas things like YA may be shunted down into the depths of untouchable works. For Booktube and BookTok groups … More


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