Making Time for Books

Recently I’ve been hit by a sudden urge to do one thing: read. After being in a slump for nearly a month, this had come at the perfect time. I have a stack of uni books that I need to plough through as well as my own TBR. 

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Often people that don’t read say they have no time to. Their life is too busy for them to sit down with a book. I think as readers people are under the impression that all we do is sit and read for hours upon end in our own personal library. The reality for most of us is that we read on the go, in small chunks whenever we can find it. 

When I was still at school I would manage to get through reading 100 books a year. While a part of this was definitely due to my lack of social life, a greater part was the fact that I had a one hour commute every morning on the bus. Times that by two for the way home, and I had 2 hours of uninterrupted free time on my hands. 

So I read. 

Now that I have a less rigid structure to my day, finding the energy to force myself to read can sometimes be difficult. Apps like Tik Tok and Instagram threaten to exterminate my reader existence if they had their way. 

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And so I take my books to a new room, a different location, and I give myself an amount of time. Usually it’s 20-30 mins. I try to do this a few times a day, and so when I finish the day it adds up to a considerable amount of reading. Without it really feeling like it is. 

I truly believe that everyone has time in their day to read but they fill their time with things that replace that free allotted space in their day. That thirty mins you spent scrolling on TikTok (which you’ll do more of throughout the day) could have been spent digging into a book. That’s not to say that we can’t unwind with social media, but we must be aware that our free time is far greater than we perceive it to be. 

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