Bookish Pet Peeves

I love books, don’t get me wrong. But there are certain, miniscule things that just rub me up the wrong way. 

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Pick me protagonists 

For those of you living under a rock, a pick me person is someone who just loves the attention. Loves to be quirky, different, ‘not like other girls’ kind of vibe. And I just can’t stand it when this character is the protagonist. Instant turn off.

Books that create sequels just for the sake of it 

I’m bad at following series at the best of times, but nothing riles me up more when a book I love creates a sequel or a series just for the sake of its popularity. No I do not want to wade through pages upon pages of waffle while you try and fill your book deal quota. 

Ugly Book Covers 

This is just a very superficial one but books with ugly covers upset me. Some poor author has spent months if not years writing their masterpiece and you’re going to give it the most generic or borderline grotesque cover you could think of?

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Forced quirky relationships

He listens to indie rock and only writes with red ballpoint pens. She collects spoons and only speaks in Shakespearean verse. Together they paint wild mushrooms and eat grass. No. I really hate when authors make a couple quirky just for the sake of it rather than it adding to either the characters or their relationship. Authenticity is so much more attractive. 

Song lyrics or poems in books 

Is it just me who skips them out all together? Maybe I’m just an impatient reader, but the idea of scanning any sort of poem or song in a book rather than reading the core plot is a no-no for me. I like the way these additions usually enrich the universe of the story but I do not have the willpower to read them myself. 

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Suspense (Maybe I’m Just a Wimp)

Perhaps this is just the impatient wimp in me, but books that are almost TOO suspenseful do get on my nerves. Especially when they’re dragging out the final reveal over tens of pages – my poor heart can’t handle it.

Perfect Idea, Shit Execution 

Have you ever read about a book that seemed like it would be completely perfect for you? It’s literally the book you have been waiting your whole life to finally find? And then you get it, and the writing is awful. Or the characters make you want to throw up. It ruins the whole experience of reading that genre, or that type of book completely. 

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