I am not a perfect student. My spelling is atrocious, I hate Jane Austen, and I break the spines of my books. But I love words. I love fiction, I love the boundaries that we can break with a reading of one word. So I call on you, my fellow ‘bad‘ students to break the rules. To admit that we aren’t perfect, that we have so much to learn, but that we are thinkers. Innovators.

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Zadie Smith’s Intimations: The Treatment of Art

Having recently read Zadie Smith’s compelling and engaging set of essays in her newest collection Intimations, which covers her thoughts and ideas throughout the pandemic, there was one chapter that stuck out to me above all. The chapter ‘Something to Do’ asks questions about how art fits into the pandemic, which then raises further questions … More

“You Wouldn’t Understand”: Inaccessibility within Academia 

Sometimes I think I’m going illiterate when I read critical essays. There words are in front of me – and most of them are in English – but I can’t seem to piece them together. How am I supposed to gleen anything of substance from this when I can’t even understand it? The inaccessibility of … More

Ling Ma’s Severance and the reality of 21st century apocalypse novels 

Ling Ma’s Severance is the ultimate capitalist apocalypse novel. Between the way it eerily seemed to predict the coronavirus epidemic to the continual mirror it places to our society, it is one of my favourite reads this year.  In a world infected by Shen Fever – a disease that rots away at the brain of … More