I am not a perfect student. My spelling is atrocious, I hate Jane Austen, and I break the spines of my books. But I love words. I love fiction, I love the boundaries that we can break with a reading of one word. So I call on you, my fellow ‘bad‘ students to break the rules. To admit that we aren’t perfect, that we have so much to learn, but that we are thinkers. Innovators.

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Observations from Waterstones 

The smell of old pages, the mumble of people reading, the books waiting to be picked up and taken home. I used to love these things about bookshops, and so many of my teenager years would be spent pursuing the aisles of my local Waterstones, Blackwells, Oxfam books and any other bookshop I could find. … More

I Read 52 Books In 2021…Here’s What I Learnt 

16,487 pages. 52 books. 2 books over my goal.  Ever since I can remember, my relationship with books has been volatile. I have gone through years in my life where I read over 100 books, and years where reading 10 was a stretch. 50 seemed like a stretch when I set the goal at the … More

Hot Takes: Popular Classics 

When I was 15 I used to scour the internet to find lists with titles like ‘Top 50 Classic Books You Must Read Before You Die’ or ‘Every Book Lover Should Have Read These Books’. As a result, I’ve managed to amass over the years a number of classic books under my belt…most of which … More